Peplink MediaFast 750

Lightning Fast Content Delivery. And So Much More.


MediaFast is our supercharged content caching and all-in-one mobile device management solution. Designed with education and entertainment in mind, it downloads and buffers video, audio, iTunes/iTunes U, HTTP, and other content for uninterrupted learning and fun anytime.
Prefetch. Off-Peak Downloads. Anytime, Anywhere Playback.

Schedule one-time or recurring content downloads during off-peak hours, and then playback downloaded content anytime. Need HD video and other content in places with spotty or congested Internet connections? Download whenever and wherever the connection is best. Then pack up and take the MediaFast anywhere you need seamless content delivery.
Reporting. Insight. On-Demand.

Check bandwidth usage and savings. Track popular URLs and file types. You can also monitor client IP addresses, find your heaviest users, and more, all from a single intuitive interface.

MDM. Complete iOS Device Control. All in One Place.
Provision and manage iOS devices without additional gear or software tools. It’s easy to track device inventory, monitor battery levels, and install or remove apps. You can even lock devices, set restrictions, and erase content, right from MediaFast.

Cache. Download x1. Playback x∞.
Cache iTunes/iTunes U and other content automatically by domain and file type. With MediaFast, you can download once and play back over and over again, cutting loading time, bandwidth usage and cost. Keep content as long as you like or purge it automatically by file type and age.

SpeedFusion. Bonded Bandwidth. 24/7 Connectivity.

Take advantage of all available connections with SpeedFusion bandwidth bonding and load balancing. Automatic failover keeps your learners learning and teachers teaching, even when a link fails.

InControl 2 and AP Controller. Your Network. At Your Fingertips. Monitor and manage routers, access points, and other connected devices with InControl 2 and AP Controller. Wi-Fi networks are easy to set up, and you get complete control over your entire wireless and wired network from any compatible Web browser.

Deliver Uninterrupted, On-Demand Learning with Content Caching

Centrally Manage and Provision iOS Devices with MDM

Accelerate Branch/Offsite Networking with Content Prefetching

Turbocharge Existing Wi-Fi Hotspots with Cached Content

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