Pepwave MAX BR1 ENT

Enterprise Grade Router with LTE Failover


LTE Highspeed Broadband Router

The BR1 ENT delivers blazing 200Mbps router throughput with automatic failover to LTE and comes without Wi-Fi, making it an ideal choice for deployments that demand high performance, and outstanding reliability. It is also Verizon XLTE certified.

Highspeed Broadband with LTE backup
Stay online when connections fail with instant automatic failover. Connect a high-speed primary line and a backup LTE connection, and the BR1 ENT will seamlessly switch between wired and cellular links as needed to keep your connection stable and fast.

SpeedFusion Hot Failover. MAX BR automatically re-establishes your IPsec VPN connection on lower priority link when your primary WAN fails. Your VPN stays up, and you stay seamlessly connected.

Meet Strict Security Compliance Got a strict no-Wi-Fi security policy? Configured without Wi-Fi, the BR1 ENT is a great choice for deployments with compliance requirements

Certified for Tough Deployment
In addition to rugged metal enclosure, BR1 ENT has certifications on: Shock and vibration resistance (EN 61373:1999 IEC 61373:1999) RF Port Lightning Immunity (ITU-T K.20 (+/- 1.5 kV)) Railway Applications (EN 50155) Electromagnetic Compatibility (EN 61000)


Government/Military – Uninterrupted Communication and Resource Access

Enterprise – Upgrade Existing Network Infrastructure with LTE Backup

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